Artificial intelligence to manage and exploit business data

Artificial intelligence technologies to analyze, manage, and exploit data. The course teaches, via theory and practice, the Machine Learning (ML) analysis pipeline and many ML techniques such as regression, dimensionality reduction, clustering as well as neural networks for classification, computer vision and forecasting.

Fundamentals of programming with Python

Python is a powerful and versatile, general-purpose programming language that has very broad applications. This theoretical and practical course teaches the basics of Python programming, covering the most important libraries for data analysis and data visualization.

Graphical systems programming with LabVIEW

LabVIEW is a visual programming language often used for system measurement and automation, and is also an excellent software for data analysis and data science. This course teaches the basics of the data-flow environment, the coding fundamentals, the data acquisition from NI-DAQ systems, and how to write advanced data analysis algorithms and benefit from the buil-in graphical front panel.