Graphical data analysis softwares

I develop graphical softwares with friendly user interface, for the interactive analysis of data and the visualization of results. I combine the dataflow-driven graphical programming with the powerful libraries for scientific computing, numerical analysis and machine learning.

Machine and deep learning

Machine and deep learning methods applied to a variety of problems in the fields of physics, biotech, mathematics, image analysis and computer vision,

Scientific programming and modeling

Programming solutions for scientific modeling, statistics and simulations. I use advanced methods of data science to analyze data, create models and make predictions.

Physics of the origin of life

I have investigated the non-equilibrium forces hosted by acidic water cycles inside heated rock pores. They could have driven the first DNA and RNA replication reactions during the origin of life on Earth, ~ 4 billion years ago.

Molecular dynamics

Advanced algorithms for the atomistic simulation of protein folding. I studied the intermediate metastable states of the lysozime protein and of other proteins of biomedical relevance, e.g. the prion.

Electronics and hardware programming

Maker of DIY solutions with Arduinos and DAQ data acquisition systems for I/O and hardware control.

Microscopy and image processing

Custom-made microscope design, assembly and hardware programming. I have also developed imaging protocols for the bulk measurement of DNA and RNA hybridization by FRET, and the pH and salinity of water with ratiometric fluorescent dyes.

Molecular biology experiments

Standard molecular biology techniques in the field of DNA / RNA biotech (gel electrophoresis, PCR, purification, sequencing) and microfluidic implementation.